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Is Brain Bullet Software as good as it claims? Don't buy it until you read this in-depth review.

20 Aug

Brain Bullet Review: Is It An Automatic Tool For Change?

Posted in Brain Bullet Review on 20.08.10

If you’re enthusiastic about improving every aspect of yourself, then you’ve probably already tried a lot of self-development programs out there. Some of them may have had a noticeable impact, while others may have only proven themselves to be a waste of time.

However, one thing common about these programs is that they’re too much work. If you have next to no time for yourself, then you’ve probably multi-tasked a number of times.

This is where Brain Bullet comes in.

If you’re curious to find out how you can use this brain development program without sacrificing precious time, then read on for my honest review. See why I’m such an avid fan of this program.

Brain Bullet works pretty much as its name suggests – fast and on target. While other subliminal messaging methods aim blindly, this subliminal software has specific categories you can choose to customize.

All you have to do is install the program into your computer and follow the step-by-step instructions. You’ll soon get to the point where you get to choose your preferred sets. Do you want to focus on Business and Career? Perhaps you’d like to improve on your Emotional Control. These sets (among others) have sub-levels which you can further customize or leave be.

Unlike other subconscious programming efforts, Brain Bullet gives you free reign. You don’t have to worry about pre-packaged brain development programs intended for mass consumption. After all, you are your own person. Once you’ve finished setting up the program, you are now free to go about your own business.

I’ve found this extremely helpful as I’m always swamped with work. The affirmations flash on my screen – hardly noticeable and basically invisible. While I concentrate on working, my subconscious picks up on the subliminal messaging, effectively feeding me with positive affirmations.

Brain Bullet does not only improve your skills, personality and attitude, it also does so with quiet efficiency. If you ask me, that’s exactly what we all need! For best results, use Advanced Cosmic Ordering in conjunction with BB.

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18 Aug

Subliminal Messaging: An Exciting Revelation

Posted in Subliminal Messaging on 18.08.10

Most people see subliminal messaging as an obscure science. It’s exactly the type of thing sci-fi movies are made of. Images of mad scientists and helpless subjects aside, however, it is more than just a plot device. Among those in the know, it is an effective and widely-used method of brain development.

Over the years, many new discoveries have been made about programming your mind. People have found subliminals effective to a certain degree. However, the results vary with each subject.

Sometimes, subliminal messaging can do as much as help you win contests. At other times, it brings out feelings of joy, confidence and other positive emotions from you. One thing is for sure; this technique does work.

It’s no wonder subliminal software is so popular. Once people realized just how much control their subconscious had over their attitude and behavior, they all wanted to find out how to use it to their advantage.

Don’t be so surprised to hear that almost everything is infused with subliminal messaging now! From simple commercials to the colors chosen by companies – there is no end to its use.

As individuals, however, it has a much more significant impact on our lives. Through it, you can improve your state of mind as well as re-program yourself to be a better person.

For example, you can program yourself to be more decisive or more compassionate. You can help yourself improve your memory and concentration. One such program is Brain Bullet – a powerful brain development tool that programs your mind to achieve almost anything you want automatically!

It fires off positive affirmations on your desktop as you work. These affirmations are too fast for your conscious mind to comprehend but they are automatically picked up by your subconscious. It is subliminal messaging at its best.

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