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16 Aug

Brain Bullet: What Is It?

Posted in Brain Bullet on 16.08.10

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. As much as we want to be the best and number one, we are hindered by our own skills, personality and capabilities.

We may be smart, but we lack patience. We may be hard working, but we can’t quite comprehend complicated instructions. If only there was a way to overcome these factors so we could focus entirely on plotting our own success.

Enter the Brain Bullet Program.

Brain Bullet is a method of brain development that employs subliminal messaging. Thanks to pop culture, some people have become quite wary of anything that has to do with subliminals.

However, this program is both safe and unobtrusive. It functions behind the scenes so you won’t even notice that you are already benefiting from its powerful subconscious programming functions.

So How Does Brain Bullet Work?

Basically, all you need to do is install it into your computer. As you go about doing your own thing, the program sends you mental commands which target key points for brain development.

It penetrates straight through your subconscious, helping you convert all your negative traits into positive ones.

It has 887 powerful affirmations to choose from. These are statements of positive intent like “I learn fast” or “I am calm and confident always.” You get to choose which aspect of yourself you want to work on, as well as tweak the affirmations that will be flashed on your desktop.

So what else are you waiting for? You have a hand in the subconscious programming. You have control over your own brain development. In fact, you can even customize the intervals with which the messages appear on your screen. With Brain Bullet, you can say goodbye to old habits and say hello to an awesome new you!

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