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Is Brain Bullet Software as good as it claims? Don't buy it until you read this in-depth review.

27 Aug

Brain Bullet: Is It Better Than Hypnosis, Affirmations and Meditation?

Posted in Brain Bullet Review on 27.08.10

Brain Bullet Software

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Product Brain Bullet
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Brain Bullet (by Lee Benson) is a powerful subliminal messaging software that automatically programs your mind to achieve almost any extraordinary thing you can think of.

It claims to be better than hypnosis, ordinary affirmations and meditation; and after using it, I can see why.

The messages sneak past through your conscious mind’s defense barriers because the affirmations flash quicker than the “blink” of an eye; but your subconscious picks them up. And as you probably already know, the subconscious just accepts whatever you feed it, without analyzing or scrutinizing the information.

Here’s just a few of the many potential benefits that the Brain Bullet Software offers:

– Fights allergies, stress, past negative memories and bad habits.

– Rockets your self-confidence, creativity, memory, motivation, and sense of humor.

– Helps you meet your ideal soul mate and enjoy wonderful relationships.

– Enhances your leadership, decision-making and other vital skills.

– Helps you achieve superior health and fitness and attain the body you’ve always craved for.

This brain development software has been tested to work on Windows Vista, Windows 7, XP, 98, and ME and Mac OS X 10.2 – 10.4.


1) It runs undetected in the background, so it won’t intervene with the normal operations of your computer and with your routine activities. So you get to enhance or change your life, without exerting any extra effort.

2) With 887 affirmations to choose from, you can customize them to your desired specifications. You can add as many, or as few, affirmations as you like. You can adjust the font, display location, visibility, frequency and speed. You have the power to choose!

3) It has a built-in affirmation editor tool, so you can add your very own unique affirmations and subliminal messages.


1) Although you can add your own affirmations, Brain Bullet does not teach you how to do it properly. But let me ease your worries and give you a few tips now on how to create effective affirmations.

Affirmations should be:
– Stated in the present moment.
– Stated in the positive.
– Short and direct to the point.

Example of Proper Affirmation:
“I am a fast learner.”

Example of Improper Affirmations (Don’t use these):
“I will learn fast.” (denotes a future occurrence)
“I’m not a slow learner.” (stated in the negative)
“I am a fast-learning, unstoppable, information-hungry genius. (too wordy)

2) With its unlimited potential to change any aspect of your life, and with almost 900 affirmations to choose from, it’s quite tempting to include many (if not all) of them. This may slow down the results or render them less effective. That’s why it’s important to focus on the most important aspects you want to improve or change first; then you can move on to a next set of priorities after each set has been attained.

Overall, I give Brain Bullet my highest recommendations. This subconscious programming software has been proven to be very safe to use, as long as you follow the guidelines. With over 50,000 satisfied users and a no-questions asked full refund guarantee, there’s absolutely nothing to lose and an awesome new life to gain.

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Special Offer: If you order Brain Bullet here, I will give you two mind-blowing bonuses entitled: Brain Power Enhancement Techniques and Secrets To Memory Enhancement In A Week. These e-Books will help you realize your brain’s full potential and superboost your memory.

To claim these bonuses, simply email me your Receipt Number at with the subject line “Brain Memory Bonuses.” I will send you the Download Link to these bonuses asap.

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20 Aug

Brain Bullet Review: Is It An Automatic Tool For Change?

Posted in Brain Bullet Review on 20.08.10

If you’re enthusiastic about improving every aspect of yourself, then you’ve probably already tried a lot of self-development programs out there. Some of them may have had a noticeable impact, while others may have only proven themselves to be a waste of time.

However, one thing common about these programs is that they’re too much work. If you have next to no time for yourself, then you’ve probably multi-tasked a number of times.

This is where Brain Bullet comes in.

If you’re curious to find out how you can use this brain development program without sacrificing precious time, then read on for my honest review. See why I’m such an avid fan of this program.

Brain Bullet works pretty much as its name suggests – fast and on target. While other subliminal messaging methods aim blindly, this subliminal software has specific categories you can choose to customize.

All you have to do is install the program into your computer and follow the step-by-step instructions. You’ll soon get to the point where you get to choose your preferred sets. Do you want to focus on Business and Career? Perhaps you’d like to improve on your Emotional Control. These sets (among others) have sub-levels which you can further customize or leave be.

Unlike other subconscious programming efforts, Brain Bullet gives you free reign. You don’t have to worry about pre-packaged brain development programs intended for mass consumption. After all, you are your own person. Once you’ve finished setting up the program, you are now free to go about your own business.

I’ve found this extremely helpful as I’m always swamped with work. The affirmations flash on my screen – hardly noticeable and basically invisible. While I concentrate on working, my subconscious picks up on the subliminal messaging, effectively feeding me with positive affirmations.

Brain Bullet does not only improve your skills, personality and attitude, it also does so with quiet efficiency. If you ask me, that’s exactly what we all need! For best results, use Advanced Cosmic Ordering in conjunction with BB.

Click Here To Own Brain Bullet Now

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18 Aug

Subliminal Messaging: An Exciting Revelation

Posted in Subliminal Messaging on 18.08.10

Most people see subliminal messaging as an obscure science. It’s exactly the type of thing sci-fi movies are made of. Images of mad scientists and helpless subjects aside, however, it is more than just a plot device. Among those in the know, it is an effective and widely-used method of brain development.

Over the years, many new discoveries have been made about programming your mind. People have found subliminals effective to a certain degree. However, the results vary with each subject.

Sometimes, subliminal messaging can do as much as help you win contests. At other times, it brings out feelings of joy, confidence and other positive emotions from you. One thing is for sure; this technique does work.

It’s no wonder subliminal software is so popular. Once people realized just how much control their subconscious had over their attitude and behavior, they all wanted to find out how to use it to their advantage.

Don’t be so surprised to hear that almost everything is infused with subliminal messaging now! From simple commercials to the colors chosen by companies – there is no end to its use.

As individuals, however, it has a much more significant impact on our lives. Through it, you can improve your state of mind as well as re-program yourself to be a better person.

For example, you can program yourself to be more decisive or more compassionate. You can help yourself improve your memory and concentration. One such program is Brain Bullet – a powerful brain development tool that programs your mind to achieve almost anything you want automatically!

It fires off positive affirmations on your desktop as you work. These affirmations are too fast for your conscious mind to comprehend but they are automatically picked up by your subconscious. It is subliminal messaging at its best.

Click Here To Visit The Brain Bullet Website

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16 Aug

Brain Bullet: What Is It?

Posted in Brain Bullet on 16.08.10

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemy. As much as we want to be the best and number one, we are hindered by our own skills, personality and capabilities.

We may be smart, but we lack patience. We may be hard working, but we can’t quite comprehend complicated instructions. If only there was a way to overcome these factors so we could focus entirely on plotting our own success.

Enter the Brain Bullet Program.

Brain Bullet is a method of brain development that employs subliminal messaging. Thanks to pop culture, some people have become quite wary of anything that has to do with subliminals.

However, this program is both safe and unobtrusive. It functions behind the scenes so you won’t even notice that you are already benefiting from its powerful subconscious programming functions.

So How Does Brain Bullet Work?

Basically, all you need to do is install it into your computer. As you go about doing your own thing, the program sends you mental commands which target key points for brain development.

It penetrates straight through your subconscious, helping you convert all your negative traits into positive ones.

It has 887 powerful affirmations to choose from. These are statements of positive intent like “I learn fast” or “I am calm and confident always.” You get to choose which aspect of yourself you want to work on, as well as tweak the affirmations that will be flashed on your desktop.

So what else are you waiting for? You have a hand in the subconscious programming. You have control over your own brain development. In fact, you can even customize the intervals with which the messages appear on your screen. With Brain Bullet, you can say goodbye to old habits and say hello to an awesome new you!

Click Here To Get Brain Bullet

Special Offer: If you order Brain Bullet here, I will give you two mind-blowing bonuses entitled: Brain Power Enhancement Techniques and Secrets To Memory Enhancement In A Week. These e-Books will help you realize your brain’s full potential and superboost your memory.

To claim these bonuses, simply email me your Receipt Number at with the subject line “Brain Memory Bonuses.” I will send you the Download Link to these bonuses asap.

Note: If you get the Brain Bullet Software, I will receive a commission and you get to change your life. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

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